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Michael Johannes – Brand Manager Automechanika,

Messe Frankfurt



Welcome to the second edition of the Kazakhstan International Automotive Expo Supported by Automechanika. This show has already become ‘the crossroad’ for European and Asian automotive market players. Following the steps of the brand Automechanika, KIAE wants to help industry participants establish contacts with local and regional target visitor groups.

Presenting a classic range of products in the field of spare parts, automotive components and equipment for the vehicle maintenance, along with the latest developments and achievements in the industry, the Kazakhstan International Automotive Expo supported by Automechanika aims to promote growth and renewal of the local car market with the entry of new players, attract investments in the sector and to improve the competitiveness of local producers in the neighboring markets and partnerships.

There are new interesting prospectives because KIAE supported by Automechanika will take place for the first time parallel to Commercial Transport Expo Central Asia (CTECA), which is the only specialized exhibition for the commercial transport industry in Central Asia.

The Automechanika brand and its 17 events around the globe are backed by around 21,000 exhibitors and 600,000 visitors. Nevertheless we are working on exploring new markets for our customers and are expanding our range of events for the automotive sector. Thus, Messe Frankfurt already holds a series of new fairs and conferences for the automobile, bike, bus, boat and truck segments. They include the Automotive Engineering Show in India, Busworld Russia powered by Autotrans, CAPAS Chengdu in China, Comtrans Commercial Vehicle Show in Russia which is the world’s second-biggest truck show, the Motobike Istanbul and the Johannesburg Boat Show, as well as conferences such as the Connected Mobility Conference in the US and the Tatarstan International Automotive Forum supported by Automechanika. I hope to see you there or at one of our Automechanika fairs around the world.

I wish you an interesting time at the fair, lots of new business contacts and productive discussions.


Lavrentiev Andrey – President of the Association

of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB)



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am glad to welcome you at the II Kazakhstan International Automotive Forum (KIAF) conducted as a part of International exhibition of spare parts and car maintenance KIAE supported by Automechanika and International commercial transport exhibition CTECA.

I am glad that integration of these events has allowed us to create a large pool of speakers and representatives of the global automotive industry in our capital.

The forum is dedicated to the market of passenger and commercial vehicles of Kazakhstan, EAEU countries, as well as to the tools promoting the sales of commercial vehicles in Kazakhstan, such as concessional lending and vehicle scrappage programs.

Attracting the world leading experts of the automotive business and organization of international discussion platforms in Kazakhstan contribute not only to the qualitative development of Kazakhstan cooperation with the global leading carmakers, but also to the integration of world trends in the development of Kazakhstan automotive industry.