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Exhibitor – SOBEK

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Against the backdrop of economic trends of the recent years in general, and the weakening of the national currency in particular, the development of Kazakhstan’s production has become topical as ever.

For the past sixteen years, “Sobek-Service” has not only been a distributor of high-quality European equipment on the vast territory of Kazakhstan, but for a long time, has had its own manufacturing base. Back in 2004, the company opened a metalworking workshop, which to this day is successfully producing a wide range of equipment for car service stations, tire service stations, oil change points and carwash facilities.


“Sobek-Service” evolves every day, and as a result of incessant monitoring of the local market, the company responds quickly to customer needs. Thus in the 2016, the line of piston compressors with belt transmission has been launched.

Every car owner knows how much work in the service stations is inextricably linked with the use of pneumatic equipment and tools. Car lifts, tire changers, impact wrenches and etc. need compressed air to function. For that purpose piston compressors are usually used.

As in the case of other equipment produced by «Sobek-Service” LTD, high quality components and materials from leading factories are used for the manufacture of compressors. Therefore, said compressors combine high quality and reasonable prices compared to imported analogues.

“Sobek-Service” LTD offers piston compressors of various capacity, power, and with a different volume of the receiver, allowing you to choose the model, that is tailored for your needs.